Always Keep In Touch With Your Contacts. You May Never Know Where It Might Lead! By James Malinchak

Why is it vital that you stay in contact with people? The answer is simple. You just don't know where it might lead. I had a childhood friend who I played sports with named Michael. After high school graduation our goals led us in separate directions. My goals led me to play college basketball in Ohio and Hawaii. Michael's goals led him to Detroit, MI where he began to train for a career as a professional boxer. We had not seen each for many years, but I stayed in touch with him. Read more »

Steps on how to become a manager at Old Navy

It is very important to know what is the qualification requirement if you want to be a manager at old navy. People generally prefer to be a part of the management in the company they are working. There can be many reasons but the most important is compensation that is generally received by the managers. It has generally been known that management level compensation is definitely higher than those on the lower levels. However, the kind of responsibility that one could have on the managerial level would also be greater and more complex. Read more »