'Earth Defense Force 5' Finally Comes Westward Later This Year

‘Earth Defense Force 5’ hits the PS4 later this year.Credit: D3 Publisher

Released at the end of last year in Japan on the PlayStation 4, Earth Defense Force 5 will be coming Westward later this year.

Following on from Earth Defense Force 4.1, which I reviewed a while back, the latest installment in the series has a marked increase in content and variety of enemies.

The series itself started back on the PlayStation 2 in Japan as The Chikyuu Boueigun or simply translated as the Earth Defense Force.

Developed by Sandlot, it was a budget title that re-used the studio’s engine technology from games such as Gigantic Drive.

Due to its technical origins, the Earth Defense Force games had a big focus on taking on huge enemies from the vantage point of a regular guy on the ground.

Over the years, the games have built on this premise further and introduced new types of playable characters with differing abilities, as well as an increased array of outlandish vehicles.

However, for many, the Earth Defense Force games are renowned for having the player take on thousands of giant insects and aliens (shown above) with an almost endless array of excessive weaponry.

I have been a big fan of these games since the originals and I have had a lot of fun playing each new release when they come out.

Last year I worked my way through the Japanese version of Earth Defense Force 5, so I am happy that I will get to do that all over again once it comes Westward on the PlayStation 4 later this year.

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