Redecorating to Compliment Your Architecture

Your Staircase

Your Staircase

Sometimes, the architecture of your home will help you decide where and how to hang your works of art. For instance, hang a long vertical grouping of picture frames up on the wall going from one floor to the next at a small, winding staircase. Six botanicals in frames hung in pairs would be appropriate for such a space, as would three vertical black and white photos framed in beautiful black picture frames and installed one above the other.

A Classy Grouping

Grouping together six selections of art in coordinating frames is one of the most dramatic – and stylish – ways to exhibit artwork. You do not have to invest a lot of money to obtain nice pictures; even the most simple flower prints or photos taken out of garden publications can be very elegant when you framework them correctly. Dehydrated leaves and preserved flowers can also look wonderful in frames. Affordable black or natural wood picture frames will look great when hung up in two rows of three for a horizontal grouping, or three rows of two for a vertical grouping.

Experimentation with Styles and Sizes

Perhaps you have a big wall that you think is just perfect for a large, extra tall piece of art, but you only seem to have horizontal pieces. If you’ve got three horizontal works of art that are the same size, or almost the exact same size, then simply hang them up on the wall, one on top of another with about three inches of space between each frame. Even though these frames don’t need to be just the same, it might look better if they were all the same finish at the very least.

Art that Lives

You may not know this, but to a designer, windows are thought of as “living art.” This includes not only windows, but also sliding glass doors and French doors. Frequently the French doors, sliding doors, a large picture window, or a line of large windows becomes the focal point of your room. Due to this, it is important to make sure that one large wall is left art-free to avoid the eye being overwhelmed with far too many places to concentrate on. Doing this brings tranquility to a room. If your room has plenty of doors and windows then you may want to only hang one group of little frames or one large frame on one wall and then not hang anything on any of your other walls.

Windows as Art

As was said earlier, try not to hanging any art immediately next to a window, especially if that window is stained glass. The artwork and the stained glass shouldn’t be competing for attention.

Point of View

Whenever you are going to hang up some art or perhaps a mirror over a table or a cabinet that is next to some larger furniture, you will probably want the thing which you are hanging to be right about the same level as the dresser or table. Doing this will help to give balance to the furniture arrangement and help avoid the smaller pieces of furniture from feeling dwarfed by the larger furniture piece.

So experiment with some of these tips and you may be amazed by the beautiful difference you notice right away.

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