How to find side project marketing ideas

62 percent. That’s the percentage of Crew’s revenue driven by our side projects last week alone following the launch of one of our latest tools. Every time I see such high ROI on our side project marketing efforts, I feel this urgent need to convince every single one of my startup friends to stop wasting their money on ads or writing those sad listicles to grab more eyeballs. Side projects help your business connect with only those that matter by creating lasting value instead of renting their short-term attention using aggressive shortcuts. In a previous essay, I tried to explain…

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What’s Working, What’s Not? The Truth About Marketing Attribution

Today’s customer might make their way through numerous digital and physical touchpoints before they get to the desired end result for a company, whether that is a registration, sale or purchase.  The situation isn’t helped by the fact that marketing teams are often siloed, with various departments working in isolation from each other.