4 essential home office productivity hacks

The home office is a blessing and a curse. I love working from home as much as the next person — free snacks, zero commute, awesome lunch options in the area. Sometimes I stroll through the park on the way back from lunch, just because I can. Coworking spaces and trendy startup offices offer a pleasant alternative to the traditional stuffiness of corporate offices, but home is where the heart is. Good luck staying productive at home, though. Every remote worker learns sooner or later that home office productivity is an elusive goal. When no one’s watching over you and…

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Apple’s iCloud problems are reportedly due to office politics

As iPhone sales growth slows, Apple has pointed to software and services like Apple Music, Apple Pay, and iCloud as strong revenue generators. But the company’s quest to turn its cloud services into the next big thing has been sabotaged by internal conflicts, The Information reported on Thursday.

The problem: Apple needs to develop new infrastructure to make iCloud and iTunes more reliable. Anyone who has been prompted to enter their Apple ID and password over and over again for no reason can attest to the need for a back-end overhaul. But the company reportedly has two engineering teams on the project who just can’t seem to get along. One is the group that worked on the platform that powers Siri, which Apple decided to expand to other cloud services. That puts the 1,000-person iCloud engineering team, headed by Eric Billingsley, at risk of becoming obsolete.

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