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Perhaps one of the most effective marketing methods today is online video marketing. Internet video marketing has proven itself to be highly effective in selling products and services. This method has been proven to have a large impact on lead generation, sale conversions, and web traffic. When it comes to marketing, videos have been shown to establish companies as more credible than other forms of publicity. Actually putting a face on your company through a video can help your audience to connect with you on a more personal level.

When we connect with other people, approximately 55% of what we say to others is communicated not through our words but through our body language. 8% of our meaning comes across in our voice. Our words are only responsible for 7% of communication. When words are simply written, like in emails or blogs, a large percentage of our communication is omitted and it is therefore easy to misunderstand the true meaning of the message.

In order to judge the credibility and sincerity of an individual, we consider not only the words they are saying but also their tone of voice and their facial expressions and body language.

Before you automatically include video marketing as a publicity technique in your company, make sure that you are considering the following information. Keep in mind that internet video marketing should not solely focus on the costs associated with your products and services and, in some instances, it may be best not to mention this information at all. The primary goal of your video should be to make your business a credible choice for potential customers who are interested in what you have to offer.

A customer wants to know that you are trustworthy and this knowledge is far more important than the cost of your product and services. When it comes to customer-business relationships, trust is always key. If there is one thing that potential clients want, it is to be assured that they are in business with a company that will stand by their word.

You need to ensure that the client feels comfortable taking the inevitable risk that comes along with any new business-customer relationship.

Take a moment to think about this. What is it like for a potential client to perform an online search for the products and services that they require and to come across your video that not only discusses your products and services but also establishes you as a credible company that is genuine and sincere? How many more customers would you acquire?

If you ensure that your YouTube marketing videos are placed in the precise locations where your target audience visits, how much would your business increase? This is where you can help yourself.

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